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  OUR Products  
We offer Products :
Carpenter work Inverter Plasma
Cutting Machine

Carpenter work VK Jelly
Carpenter work Earth Clamp

Carpenter work VK Spray
Carpenter work MIG welding torch

Carpenter work Cable Connectors
Carpenter work Plasma Cutting Machine

Carpenter work Electrode Holders
Carpenter work MIG Welding Machine

Carpenter work Laser Welding Machine
Carpenter work Welding Helmet

Carpenter work Robotic Torch
Carpenter work MIG Torch Welding Liner

Carpenter work Robotic Torch
Carpenter work Laser Welding Machine

Carpenter work Welding Torch
Carpenter work Laser Marking

Carpenter work MIG welding nozzle
Carpenter work CNC Profile Cutting Machine

Carpenter work Tip Holder
Carpenter work

TIG welding Torch

Carpenter work Thoriated tungsten

Carpenter work TIG welding spare parts

Carpenter work TIG Torch Gas Lens
Carpenter work CNC plasma cutting machine

Carpenter work Cutting Nozzle
Carpenter work CuttingTorch & Nozzles
Carpenter work TIG Welding Machine
Carpenter work Water Jet Cutting Machine

Carpenter work TIG machine
Carpenter work Spot welding

Carpenter work Portable CNC Profile Cutting Machine
Carpenter work Plasma Torch spares

Carpenter work Plasma Cutting Torch Spares
Carpenter work MIG Welding Machine

Carpenter work MIG Torch Spare
Carpenter work Mig Torch Spare

Carpenter work MIG Nozzles
Carpenter work Inverter TIG

Carpenter work Gas Regulator
Carpenter work Gas Lens

Carpenter work Flow Meter
Carpenter work Flashback Arrestor

Carpenter work VK Dip
Carpenter work VK Pass


In View of Continuous Development, we reserve the Right to Modify Design, Color of Products without notice.

  Our Products
Carpenter work Inv. MIG
Welding Machine

Fabrication work Earth Clamp
Aluminum work MIG
Welding Liner
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1. VK removes built in corrosion from stainless steel.
2. VK removes scales, discolouration, burn spots and ferritic contamination without wire brushing or grinding.
3. VK prevents corrosion & restores full corrosion resistance.
4. VK removes metallic contaminants, oxide scales, rust spots & annealing colours.
5. VK retains mill finish.
6. VK gives a uniform, smooth, contamination and sterile particle free, passive surface.
Before After
 VK products are available in 3 different forms but gives the same results. Application of any VK PASS 1 or 2 is a must after the  application of any form of VK products in order to avoid further corrosion & contamination.

VK Jelly (Gel Form)
It is used to clean weld seams and surrounding areas with brush. To remove heavy scales, discolouration, annealing colours, rust particles near weld area. It does not give yellow or black stain marks after washing with water.
Area coverage / Kg. : App. 100 Mts of weld seam.

VK Spray (Semi - Gel Form)

It is used for large surface areas with pressurized plastic spray bottle or pump. To remove annealing colours, ferritic contamination & weld burns. Spray make it easy to clean large equipments like S.S. vessels, tanks, dryers, agitators, dairy machinery, fermentators, internals as well as externals of pipes etc.
Area coverage / Kg. : App. 40 Sq. Ft.

VK Dip (Liquid form)
It is used for immersion (dipping) application & non-reachable areas of SS components like internal & externalpipes, wire rolls, internal inaccessible area of parts etc.
Area coverage / Kg. : App. 40 Sq. Ft.

VK Pass-1

It is used for general non-hygenic industrial purpose SS equipments like chemical, paper etc.

VK Pass-2   

It is biodegradeable, non-toxic, non-hazardous, passivation to be used for SS equipments & pipings specially for industries like Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food, Beverages, Cosmetics etc.
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